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Product Design Concept by Sean Berger

This concept aims to demonstrate my expertise and talent in creating digital products through interaction and content design. The product ideas and designs that follow are my own and were created in hopes of illustrating and inspiring others. My designs, interactions and prototypes were created in Figma.


Product Goal

To improve the online experience for finding a doctor, so that health plan consumers can connect with first-class care in close proximity to their home or workplace.
Design Showcase
Product design screenshot of a healthcare insurance experience for searching and finding doctors. Product design concept from the portfolio of Sean Berger.
An animated user interface that allow users to search for the best doctor available within their health plan. Three cards appear on screen with various options for location searching, searching by hospital, or searching by doctor availability.

These accordion cards display to the right when searching. Users can get more specific with a specific location or hospital. Users can also filter by provider rating or availability.

An animated user interface that allows users to select the type of doctor they want to search for. Several options appear in a card with an action button below.

While each accordion card is unique, they share familiar elements and patterns from a system of components I created for the effort. The mock-up above articulates desired functionality and interactions.


Selecting a doctor can be challenging without the right tools and aides in place to assist users in their journey. In the current state, coverage information and plan expenses are omitted from the search feature. When accessing benefits, health plan members are expected to dig through a 100-page PDF to understand benefits for their policy. This leads to confusion, frustration and customer service calls.


Set expectations with health plan members prior to their visit with a medical professional or clinic. Display benefits data in the digital experience, with clearly stated cost and coverage information.

Display financial information expenses for the plan year so health plan members can consider personal finances while researching upcoming procedures.

A user interface that allows health plan users to view benefit and coverage information while searching doctors. A user interface for searching doctors. Several doctors appear in a list on the left with health plan deductible expenses displayed on the right.

In current state, plan members are only allowed to schedule appointments by phone. In doing so, they use their ID card to relay plan and personal information to the healthcare provider prior to the appointment.


Partnering with area hospital networks, plan members can search for providers who offer online scheduling and quickly schedule visits using the MyBlueKC app. Coverage and personal health information is passed effortlessly to provider computer systems.

A user interface that allows health plan users schedule with a doctor or medical professional.
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