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MyBlueKC Mobile App

Product Design Case Study by Sean Berger

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City needed a mobile app for plan members. The organization wanted to keep pace with national competitors who had crafted mature and successful mobile experiences.
Product design mockups for a health insurance app. Designed by Sean Berger for Blue Cross and Blue Shield.
I steered design and research efforts as lead designer to create the entire product experience for the MVP release and subsequent enhancement releases that followed. The discovery and design phases featured close partnership with business partners in digital marketing, customer experience, innovation and engineering.

My Contributions

  • Product/UX Design
  • User Research
  • Visual Design
  • Prototyping


  • Figma
  • FigJam
  • Qualtrics

Competitive Analysis

As I started early discovery work, I reviewed a competitive analysis provided by the innovation team. The analysis outlined the availability and relative popularity of specific health plan features. Using this data, I worked with business partners to define a list of essential features that were “must-have” for our minimum viable product.


Must-have and popular features informed the work I did in creating a sitemap as one of my first design activities. Illustrating visual architecture for the app allowed the team to debate and determine where specific pieces of functionality would live.

Sitemap by Sean Berger for a health insurance app.
I worked with business partners in early design sessions to define the app in low fidelity. Getting a feel for the app in low fi allowed us to discuss specific features and ideate as a team.
Early design by Sean Berger for a health insurance app.
User Testing

One of my responsibilities at Blue KC was to educate teams on user experience best practices. I evangelized to leaders and executives the value in testing designs early to understand user needs, observe behaviors and gather feedback.

After six weeks of teamwork and ideation, we wanted to gather feedback from end users. I strategized research efforts, conducting the first of three usability studies.


Some participants had used a mobile app to access their health plan, while many had never done so. Participants interacted with my Figma prototype directly on their personal device.

Usability Study Participants Tasks Tested Rate of Success
Round 1 (moderated) 6 9 90.7%
Round 2 (unmoderated) 6 10 93.3%
Round 3 (unmoderated) 6 11 90.9%

Ease-of-Use Rating

The collective rating across all 18 participants was 8.23.

At the end of each session, participants were asked to rate the usefulness of the overall experience, with 10 as a perfect rating. The collective rating across all 18 participants was 8.23. Blue KC targets a rating of 8+ in all customer experience initiatives. The usability of the product design was an early success story for the team.

“Better in my opinion than the Blue KC website… Great starting point and I would love to give it a try.”

– Round 3 Participant

“Absolutely would use this. Love the layout, I think it’s clean, I think it’s neat.”

– Round 2 Participant

“Yes, it has a lot of information I need. I would definitely be glad to use this app.”

– Round 3 Participant

“Definitely very organized and easy to use.”

– Round 3 Participant

From the executive sponsor…

“The sessions led to some very relevant and actionable feedback on the app experience. The process was so valuable that we should strongly consider making this a standard, ongoing practice for all member platforms.”

– Jason S., VP and Chief Innovation & Strategy Officer

Putting a prototype in front of users allowed us to find and research potential usability issues. During and following research, I collaborated with business partners to revise designs prior to our first release.

Design Showcase
The MyBlueKC mobile app at MVP offered digital ID card, claims, plan spending and benefit guides. After MVP I delivered bill pay, dental plan and telehealth features.

Below is an animated tour of features available from top-level navigation. I consulted with customer experience leads to determine the popular features based on existing web analytics and popular topics from call center data.

An animated tour of the design for a health insurance app. Includes Face ID login and top-level navigation screens. Featured design mockups from Sean Berger.
I worked closely with business partners and engineering to visualize over 20 health plan variations so users could easily review their annual deductible and spending.
Design mockups for a health insurance app, including dashboard, deductibles and claims. Featured design work from Sean Berger.

The left-swipe cards for individual family members were intuitive and well-received in usability studies:

An animated tour of expenses and deductibles within a health insurance app. Featured design mockups from Sean Berger.
Happy path for the digital ID card feature was easy enough but additional edge cases called for intentional design and collaboration with engineering.
Edge case scenarios for a health insurance app. Featured design work for a digital ID card feature by Sean Berger.

To summarize, I led design and user testing efforts, then shipped the end-to-end experience of a new mobile app in six months. I shaped the design vision for this product using cross-functional collaboration with customer experience advocates, digital marketing leads and a team of four engineers. It was a true team effort.

“This was one of the highest-performing teams that I’ve seen at Blue KC. Sean did a great job of communicating effectively to business leaders... Sean does a great job working with individual contributors across the company. He continually receives praise from these business partners.”

– Chris B., Director of Digital Experience

Why It Matters

Within months of the first release, the marketing team promoted the new app to users. Introducing this mobile app gave Blue KC’s member population a new and verifiably-easier method to access health plans than its web alternative.

Customer Effort Scores

The organization partnered with a third party to survey its member population over a one-year period to derive customer satisfaction:

Product Score (out of 100)
MyBlueKC mobile app 81.67
MyBlueKC web app 79.33
Overall Satisfaction with Blue KC 72.24 ²

App Downloads

First 5 Months 5,582 (77.7% iOS)
To Date ~78,000

I learned how to lead.

I executed user testing efforts for this opportunity in parallel to my design responsibilities. The organization didn't staff a research specialist, so I took initiative to create the strategy, write usability studies, recruit and screen participants, analyze results and produce findings. Observation strengthened my empathy skills as an employee and grew my humility as a designer. This project gave me a big opportunity to lead as a user researcher.

I learned a lot about health plans.

I've been on the consumer side of a few different health plans but there is no replacement for learning industry jargon and growing as a subject matter expert. I'm grateful to teammates who took time to educate me in the moments when features were less than straightforward.

This is how I would work to increase MyBlueKC’s usefulness moving forward. These concepts cast vision for what could be while reducing operating cost, eliminating friction and building upon the existing product.

The dashboard in current state doesn’t properly inform users who need to consider the financial impact of an upcoming medical expense. Users are a few taps away from their deductible progress and savings balance.


Using design, bring data to the dashboard. Give users immediate answers on their deductible, savings balance and costs associated with recent visits. Add features and recommendations to encourage healthy behavior.

Business Value
As the mobile product evolves to serve as a digital concierge, adoption across the member population will reduce operating costs associated with customer service calls. The dashboard can also reduce costs by encouraging healthy behavior.
Design concept for a mobile health insurance app with a data-driven dashboard. Product design concept by Sean Berger.

Users are forced to create an online account with a third-party web app just to schedule with a doctor at Spira Care.


Using design and services, give users the ability to schedule and manage Spira Care appointments directly from the mobile app.

Business Value
Spira Care utilization will always reduce cost of care for the organization. By making scheduling convenient and easy, Blue KC can increase foot traffic and reduce the need for taking appointments through the toll-free number.
Design concept for a mobile health insurance app with a data-driven dashboard. Product design concept by Sean Berger.
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